Saturday, August 5, 2017

"Happy birthday to you...."

Today marks the fifth anniversary of the Curiousity rover on Mars - and, with apologies, a belated anniversary greeting to its older brother Opportunity, still operating after thirteen and a half years of travelling the Martian surface.  Best wishes from your organic brothers and sisters on Earth!  It's a commonly known fact that you play "Happy Birthday" for your anniversaries - I wish there was cake, too*.

 - Sid

* Candles would be a nice touch, but a bit of a challenge given the atmospheric conditions:  the Martian atmosphere is only 0.13% oxygen, as opposed to 21% here on Earth.

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  1. I admire these intrepid explorers doing our bidding above and beyond their mandate. Kind of reminds me of that game called 'Moon Patrol' from the eighties (which was widely credited with the introduction of parallax scrolling), except at slower speeds and no hazards popping out of craters.